An Adventure into the Cold

Sunday was my birthday and I decided since it was the coldest day of the winter so far I should celebrate by going out to my local waterfall and taking some frozen photos of the falls and stream.  In the close up of the falls you can see that it hasn’t really frozen completely as of yet but I am hopeful that by my next day off from work it will be frozen completely over.

Watch for an update on Cucumber Falls in Ohiopyle this weekend.

Cucumber Froze Cucumber Froze2


365 – 143 Rainbow Fountain

Tonight’s photo was taken a week or so ago while I was on one of my walks in the city.  This is in Point State Park at about 6:30 in the evening.  As I was walking around the fountain I noticed the rainbow in the spray and just had to get a shot of it.

Hope you like it.

Rainbow Fountain

365 – 142 The Point

Before I get to todays photo I just wanted to give you all an update as to where I’ve been.  I was really working on the 365 project and got much further this year than last but life always to seem to get in the way of all of the fun things.  And that is what happened and then work got in the way and well the rest is in the past.

Tonight I was at the photography club that I belong to and one of the members who is also dong a 365 project ask me what had happened and that got me excited about the project again.  So throughout this break in post I have been taking photos but not posting them, I decided to pick up where I left off and I guess my year will end a little later than I had thought.

Hopefully you guys still want to see my work and my daily post so here goes nothing.

This photo is a shot of the fountain at Point State Park in Pittsburgh.

The Point

Kayaking the Yough

Where I’m from there is a local river by the name of Youghiogheny.  As you can guess this has been shortened to Yough (“Yok”).  And if you have spent any time in the mountains of my area you no doubt have visited Ohiopyle, Pa.  The river that runs through the little town of Ohiopyle is none other than the Yough.  The areas that we use the most are either the “Middle Yough” or the “Lower Yough.”  The “middle” section works well for a lazy float down stream for the family.  The “Lower” section has a bit more, shall we say, excitement.

Years ago I worked in Ohiopyle as a photographer taking photos on the middle Yough of those that took the rafting trips.  Not to date myself but this was before digital cameras.  I always enjoyed capturing the action and the expressions on the faces of the people as they made their way through a small rapid.  But the fun place to be is on the lower Yough at what is referred to as the entry rapids on the “Loop”.  The photo graphs below were all taken this past Saturday while I was out enjoying the weather.

Hope you enjoy!

Signs of Spring

Recently I was able to get out and about with the photography group that I belong to and we took a trip to Ohiopyle State Park.  We stopped at the main falls then went to cucumber falls and then a quick stop to shoot a few wild flowers.  This was the first time I was able to get out for a while and I was really glad that I did.

Here are two photos of Cucumber Falls and two shots of Trilliums.