Allegheny Cemetery

Recently my camera club and I took a trip to Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh Pa. We enjoyed some of the nice weather we were having as well as some much needed time in the outdoors with friends. Some friends which I had not seen in person in over a year.

So here are a few of the photos I took during our outing to the Allegheny Cemetery.

365 – 112 Dancing Revisited

Today I’m showing you another photo from yesterdays freestyle dance in Market Square.  As I worked on this one there was something that just wasn’t right, and often when that happens to me I will convert a photo to B&W to see what it was that was missing.  Well in this case it wasn’t what was missing but rather what should have been missing, the color.  Over the next few days I’m going to work on several more of these photos from the dancers and I will post them together in a single post.  I also shot some video and once I have that all edited I will post that as well.

Hope you enjoy!


Project 365 | Day 77 Portraits on a Wall

Unfortunately I was running a little behind today and didn’t make the midnight deadline for my post. I guess what they say is true “better late than never”.  With that being said lets move on to the photo for tonight.

I took this photo on Monday afternoon while I was walking around town after work.  If you are a follower of my blog you know that I spend a lot of time in the city of Pittsburgh walking and photographing just about anything, and Monday was no exception.  I walked through a part of the city I normally avoid as there is a place called Pittsburgh Popcorn and every time I get near the place I end up buying popcorn, but that’s a completely different story.  So anyhow, as I was walking and eating my caramel and chocolate covered popcorn, I turned up a small one way street and saw this sign on the wall.  After closer inspection I really don’t know what the reasoning is behind the sign.  But I took a couple of shots and moved on.  After looking at this photo I really fell in love with the simplicity of the photo and the composition.  I have both a color and B&W version of the photo but feel that the B&W really makes the photo “jump”.  Isn’t it amazing how sometimes the simplest of composition and subject matter can make for an interesting photo?

What do you think about my Portraits on a Wall?

Wall Portrait

Project 365 | Day 22 Street Color

Once again the temperatures dropped into the single digits with the high in the city of around 11ºF.  And as usual I worked all day so my photo for the day would have to come from a night walk.  So after work, with a temperature of 7ºF,  I bundled my self up and set out for a walk through the city.  I know your thinking to yourself this guy is a little off and you  would be right.  I enjoy being out in the cold and really enjoy it when I can make it part of my photography.

One of the photos I took tonight caught my eye as I walked across an alley.  The firs thing that caught my eye was the large amount of steam coming from building on the right, The second thing was my elongated shadow from a street light across.  So I took a few shots and decided that this photo should be a combination of both color and B&W.  And I think that the finished results lend themselves to my way of thinking.

What do you think?  Comments and discussions are always liked.

Touch of Color

Project 365 | Day 21 Footprints

When I got home this evening from work I noticed that the mail person had chosen to walk through the yard from the neighbors.  Lucky for me they left a single set of footprints in the snow that were just begging to have their photo taken.

What do you think?

Foot Prints

Day Trip in Somerset County, Pa

Just a couple of shots from a quick trip through Somerset County on Saturday.  The leaves are turing and the scenery was beautiful.  Was really nice to get a day off from work to relax and enjoy what God has given us.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Barronvale Bridge Late Evening Out House Windmill Farm

A trip to the Zoo

Recently my photography club took a trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo.  It’s always nice to get out with a group of people that are interested in the same things and our trips are always filled with fun and friendship.

Below are some of the photos that I took.  Hope you enjoy!

I'm Better Than You King Portrait of a Flamingo Snack Time The Walk of the Rhinoceros Watching Over

Quick Shots from Gettysburg

Yesterday I had a chance to venture to Gettysburg.  I’m posting a couple of shots but will post a few more as I get the processing done.

Hope you enjoy!

General Warren

General Warren


Cannon in B&W

Gettysburg Cannon

From an Era Long Ago

Tonights post is a couple of photos from a Steam and Gas Engine show that I attend every Year.  The show is called the National Pike Steam, Gas, and Horse Association and they put on one of the largest working show in the United States.  You can actually watch these neat old pieces of equipment running and moving dirt.

Wynns Steam Hubber