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In with the new out with the old, seems to be the story when it comes to a lot of the buildings in the city of Pittsburgh. Todays photos are of the Saks Fifth Avenue Store which is currently being razed to make way for a 585 space parking garage and 22,000 square feet of retail shops. Saks was open for business in Pittsburgh for for some 60 years before closing its doors in 2012.




365 – 151 Watching the Streets

Today’s photo comes from the civil war reenactment at Old Bedford Village.  If you haven’t noticed I really like the reenactments.  This gentleman was watching the streets in town while guarding over the local jail house.

The intense look on his face just really caught my eye and the decision to go black and white was simple.

Hope you enjoy.  And tomorrow I will be attending an old western reenactment, so get ready for some cowboys.


365 – 128 Sunset in the City

Tonight when I got off work I went for my usual walk in the city but tonight I decided to head to Point State Park to photograph the fountain and found a new place to photograph the sunset.

Maybe next time I’ll spend a little more time on the fountain.

Sunset at the Point