A Quick Trip to Ohio

Recently I took a quick trip to Ohio to visit YM Camera in Boardman. If you haven’t heard of the place or haven’t visited it yet I would highly recommend them. Robbie and the staff are amazing and they really take care of their customers.

So after my visit to YM Camera I visited Lanterman’s Mill Creek Park to photograph Lanterman’s Mill and a covered bridge.

Lanterman’s Mill was built-in 1845-46 and then restored in the early 1980’s. The mill operates today as it did originally grinding corn, wheat, and buckwheat. I was there a little to late in the day to see the mill in operation but I am planning a return visit to tour the inside of the mill.

So here are a few photos of the mill and covered bridge. If your ever in the area I would definitely recommend stopping by both the mill and YM Camera.

52 of 366

A few days ago I found myself out and about in the mountains. I was driving in the Ohiopyle area and somehow, don’t ask me how, I ended up in Somerset, Pa. On the way home I dropped by the Lower Humbert Bridge. This is a covered bridge built in 1891. Below are three photos from different angles. Hope you enjoy.




Day Trip in Somerset County, Pa

Just a couple of shots from a quick trip through Somerset County on Saturday.  The leaves are turing and the scenery was beautiful.  Was really nice to get a day off from work to relax and enjoy what God has given us.

Hope you enjoy the photos.

Barronvale Bridge Late Evening Out House Windmill Farm

A Couple of Covered Bridges

To my readers I apologize for such a long down time.  No excuses just life gets in the way.

Yesterday I finally got out and enjoyed a day of photography, driving, and just enjoying the country side.  I traveled through Somerset County, Pa and stopped by a couple of covered bridges then headed off to the Flight 93 National Memorial. I’ll post a few shots from the Flight 93 Memorial in another post.

Today I’m posting photos from two bridges.  The first is Kings Bridge which was built-in 1802.  It was rebuilt in 1906 and then again in 2008.  The second bridge is Barronvale Bridge which was built-in 1830.

Hope you enjoy!


Kings Bridge

kings Bridge Front Kings Bridge



Barronvale Bridge

Barronvale Bridge Roses Barronvale Bridge Wall Barronvale Bridge