365 Project | Day 16 Fall Revisited

Todays photo games from a short day trip I made in the fall to a historical landmark in Grantsville, Md.  This was an early boring shot just after day break.  And to me there is just something about that light that made the hour-long drive in the early morning worth it.

Castlemans River Bridge

Castleman's River Bridge

A Couple of Covered Bridges

To my readers I apologize for such a long down time.  No excuses just life gets in the way.

Yesterday I finally got out and enjoyed a day of photography, driving, and just enjoying the country side.  I traveled through Somerset County, Pa and stopped by a couple of covered bridges then headed off to the Flight 93 National Memorial. I’ll post a few shots from the Flight 93 Memorial in another post.

Today I’m posting photos from two bridges.  The first is Kings Bridge which was built-in 1802.  It was rebuilt in 1906 and then again in 2008.  The second bridge is Barronvale Bridge which was built-in 1830.

Hope you enjoy!


Kings Bridge

kings Bridge Front Kings Bridge



Barronvale Bridge

Barronvale Bridge Roses Barronvale Bridge Wall Barronvale Bridge