Project 365 | Day 22 Street Color

Once again the temperatures dropped into the single digits with the high in the city of around 11ºF.  And as usual I worked all day so my photo for the day would have to come from a night walk.  So after work, with a temperature of 7ºF,  I bundled my self up and set out for a walk through the city.  I know your thinking to yourself this guy is a little off and you  would be right.  I enjoy being out in the cold and really enjoy it when I can make it part of my photography.

One of the photos I took tonight caught my eye as I walked across an alley.  The firs thing that caught my eye was the large amount of steam coming from building on the right, The second thing was my elongated shadow from a street light across.  So I took a few shots and decided that this photo should be a combination of both color and B&W.  And I think that the finished results lend themselves to my way of thinking.

What do you think?  Comments and discussions are always liked.

Touch of Color

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