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You encounter a bridge along your path, do you cross or turn around and go back to the familiar?

Tonight we take a short journey down a path and as with all journeys decisions have to be made. Do you go forward and see what lies ahead? Or do we turn around and go back to the familiar? Really when you think about all of our “paths” have the same questions but choosing to go forward can be rewarding. On this journey we encounter a bridge, so the question arises do we cross or turn around? Well I like to think I’m the person that crosses to see what’s on the other side. What type of person are you?


As you can see in the snow there are tracks. But how many ventured to cross the bridge ahead?



It looks as though some ventured across but did they see the beautiful scenery from the bridge?


Lets continue on and see whats on the other side.


From the looks of the snow no one made the complete journey across the bridge to the train station. What a shame that they turned back before seeing how things turned out. The view was great the whole way across but this journey doesn’t end here. I have to, as all of the others, turn back around because my vehicle is parked on the other side.


If you never cross the bridge you will never know what is on the other side.

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Today in the blistery wind and snow, I decided to visit the Petersburg Toll House located in Addison, Pa. The toll house was built in 1835 from the native stone in the area. It was referred to as gate number one as it was the first toll house after crossing the line between Maryland and Pennsylvania. The tolls collected were used for maintenance of the road and to pay the toll collector who lived in the toll house. Toll houses were typically built about 15 miles apart on the National Road. #2eightphotography




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Well we all know that during this time of the year in Southwestern Pa it snows and the state salts the road. The of course as soon as the sun comes out everybody runs to the car wash. So todays photo is a tribute to the time spent waiting in line to get that car cleaned up just to drive down the road through the water from the melting snow. It’s a never ending cycle here in the Northeast part of the U.S. #2eightphotography


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Well it’s winter here in Southwestern Pa and with that comes the Annual Ligonier Ice Festival, to be exact the 25th annual ice festival. Yesterday’s weather cancelled many of the events as the winter storm Jonas, dropped around 20 inches of snow on the festivities. But today the sun was out, the skies were blue and the people were present. During my visit today they held a speed carving contest where the contestants were give 30 minutes to make their carvings come to life out of just a single block of ice. And I have to say that they done an amazing job. Below are several photos of the carving and many of the ice sculptures. Hope you enjoy the photos. #2eightphotography


The Star Fish was the winner of the speed carving contest.