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Today in the blistery wind and snow, I decided to visit the Petersburg Toll House located in Addison, Pa. The toll house was built in 1835 from the native stone in the area. It was referred to as gate number one as it was the first toll house after crossing the line between Maryland and Pennsylvania. The tolls collected were used for maintenance of the road and to pay the toll collector who lived in the toll house. Toll houses were typically built about 15 miles apart on the National Road. #2eightphotography




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Today we take a quick look at another building that is being razed in downtown Pittsburgh. The interesting part of about these buildings is the way in which they are being torn down. But first just a little back story. The building have been empty for several years and have been purchased by Point Park University. The school has decided to tear them down to make way for their new state of the art play house. Now for the interesting part. The facades of each of these building is being taken down brick by brick for the purpose of erecting them as part of the new building, thus preserving the most historic parts of the building. And luckily, I work right across the street from this project and can watch the progress daily. #2eightphotography




Project 365 | Day 73 Glory of PPG

Sometimes when I go for my evening walk in the city I find myself uninspired by what I photograph or for that matter what I see.  Tonight was one of those evenings.  I took several photos but nothing that really seemed to inspire me.  Partly because I didn’t get out of work till later than I had anticipated and that made it darker than I had hoped.  But I was determined to find something to post tonight and write about.

I took this photo this evening while walking around the city in disappointment.  This photo was inspired by last nights photo of the old and the new buildings.  Tonight we focus on the PPG building which is an amazing building with some really interesting design.  The building can be seen in just about every Pittsburgh skyline photo and is impressive to say the least.  Totally covered in glass it will also make for some interesting reflections, of which I’m positive that I’ll post in the future.

I like the way the building stands out in the fading light and blue sky.

What do you think?

PPG Place

Project 365 | Day 72 A Slice of the Old

Todays photo although a little late, is a contrast between the old and the new.  As most of you know I like to shoot in the city as if has countless subjects to offer.  In the city of Pittsburgh there are plenty of examples of old and new architecture.  You can take your pick  from different styles, shapes, and colors of buildings.  This evening on my nightly walk through the streets I noticed a gap between two buildings which allowed for a view of a contrast between newer types of buildings and an older building.  I thought that the view was interesting showing the contrast between styles, a little like looking at the photographs of two different people of the same subject.

Do you like the contrast of styles?

Old and New