Project 365 | Day 73 Glory of PPG

Sometimes when I go for my evening walk in the city I find myself uninspired by what I photograph or for that matter what I see.  Tonight was one of those evenings.  I took several photos but nothing that really seemed to inspire me.  Partly because I didn’t get out of work till later than I had anticipated and that made it darker than I had hoped.  But I was determined to find something to post tonight and write about.

I took this photo this evening while walking around the city in disappointment.  This photo was inspired by last nights photo of the old and the new buildings.  Tonight we focus on the PPG building which is an amazing building with some really interesting design.  The building can be seen in just about every Pittsburgh skyline photo and is impressive to say the least.  Totally covered in glass it will also make for some interesting reflections, of which I’m positive that I’ll post in the future.

I like the way the building stands out in the fading light and blue sky.

What do you think?

PPG Place

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