City Reflections

Tonight I’m revisiting the previous topic of reflections.  I find myself in Pittsburgh daily and there are so many great buildings in this city.  Some of them are entirely glass on the outside and that makes for some great reflections.

Keep looking at what you don’t see and eventually you will see the unseen.

reflection reflection1 reflection2


Tonights post is in response to a question I saw on another site.  It was in reference to photographing abandon building and houses.  The person was asking for information and opinions about how to go about photographing these places.  I have over the past year or so ventured into a few of these places.  And I will give everyone the same advice I gave the gentleman, be safe in your adventures.  These places are abandon and there is no telling what you might run into.  The house featured in todays post was missing much of the floors on the ground level.  Most definitely not a place to venture into alone.  Which brings me to my second bit of advise.  Don’t go alone, it’s always better to have a partner or two when you are looking around inside these places.

So if you go out and photograph abandon places please be cautious and have a great time.  It’s absolutely amazing what you can find in these places.

Leave a comment and tell me about your experiences in exploring abandon places.

Abandon1 Abandon2 Abandon3

The Nations Cemetery

Todays photos are from Arlington National Cemetery, in Arlington, Va.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit I highly recommend taking the time to see this hallowed ground.  These photos are from inside the Memorial Amphitheater using a fisheye lens.

Hope you enjoy!

theater 2 theater

One of My Other Passions

One of my passions, and this may seem weird to you, is that of visiting cemeteries.  I really don’t know what it is that lures me into these places but I have always felt very comfortable in cemeteries.  Once I started doing photography the two just seemed to go together.  I think that cemeteries can be very peaceful and have many beautiful scenes in them.  I visit as many as I can and I constantly look for new ones to explore.  Some are abandon and some are well maintained.  When I’m in Pittsburgh one of my favorites is, of course, Allegheny Cemetery and recently I found the Homewood Cemetery.  Tonights post covers several cemeteries around Western Pa.  Such as St. Vincent Cemetery, Unity Cemetery, and Allegheny Cemetery.  Hopefully you’ll see the beauty that I have found to be so peaceful.

Churches of Pittsburgh…

Just wanted to do a quick post of a couple of churches in Pittsburgh, Pa.  I photographed these in the early spring and just got around to processing them.  On Sunday I will be making a trip to Allegheny Cemetery in Pittsburgh and hopefully I’ll have a chance to photograph a few more of the churches.

Hope you enjoy.

A Walk Through the Strip District….

From time to time I like to take a walk, with my camera, through a part of Pittsburgh, Pa called the Strip District.  Now, to say this area is dynamic would be an understatement.  This place changes by the second, and you never know what your going to find.  The photo opportunities never cease to amaze me.  I make this walk several times a year and always find something new and interesting to photograph.

If you have the opportunity to visit the “Strip”, or if your city has something similar, I highly recommend taking that walk with your camera in hand and look for the unexpected.

I hope you enjoy the photos.