Take Some Time for Yourself

This morning on the way to work I was listening to a bluegrass radio station and a song came on called “Some Kind of War” which really got me thinking about things.  The chorus of the song goes like this:

Its hard to know what someones going through unless your standing right there in their shoes. It’s not always on CNN or on some distant shore. Life itself can be a battlefield and we’re all fighting some kind of war.

In our everyday life we come across so many different people and we really never know what is going on in their lives. We can’t control their lives heck, sometimes we can’t control our own either. What we can control is how we deal with people and situations.

I guess my point is this. Greet people with a smile, a little compassion, show respect, and who knows how you might affect their lives.  And if you’re in a situation that seems out of control take some time and look at the leaves in the trees and all that this world has to offer that is good.  Take some time to yourself, relax, and listen to a little bluegrass.

20151011-_DSC1727_HDR 20151011-_DSC1744_HDR

City Reflections

Tonight I’m revisiting the previous topic of reflections.  I find myself in Pittsburgh daily and there are so many great buildings in this city.  Some of them are entirely glass on the outside and that makes for some great reflections.

Keep looking at what you don’t see and eventually you will see the unseen.

reflection reflection1 reflection2

Reflection in the Window

Tonights post is a reflection shot that I took while ago in Pittsburgh.  One of the things that I like to look for is what you would normally walk right by and never notice.  This particular photo is a reflection in an area where literally thousands of people walk by.  I wonder how many have stopped to take a look?

In your personal travels I highly recommend stopping and taking a look at what the world has to offer.  You might just be amazed.


A Walk Through the Strip District….

From time to time I like to take a walk, with my camera, through a part of Pittsburgh, Pa called the Strip District.  Now, to say this area is dynamic would be an understatement.  This place changes by the second, and you never know what your going to find.  The photo opportunities never cease to amaze me.  I make this walk several times a year and always find something new and interesting to photograph.

If you have the opportunity to visit the “Strip”, or if your city has something similar, I highly recommend taking that walk with your camera in hand and look for the unexpected.

I hope you enjoy the photos.