Tonights post is in response to a question I saw on another site.  It was in reference to photographing abandon building and houses.  The person was asking for information and opinions about how to go about photographing these places.  I have over the past year or so ventured into a few of these places.  And I will give everyone the same advice I gave the gentleman, be safe in your adventures.  These places are abandon and there is no telling what you might run into.  The house featured in todays post was missing much of the floors on the ground level.  Most definitely not a place to venture into alone.  Which brings me to my second bit of advise.  Don’t go alone, it’s always better to have a partner or two when you are looking around inside these places.

So if you go out and photograph abandon places please be cautious and have a great time.  It’s absolutely amazing what you can find in these places.

Leave a comment and tell me about your experiences in exploring abandon places.

Abandon1 Abandon2 Abandon3

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