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I’m sure that most of you have heard of the impending doom the this part of the country, by way of a massive snow storm. Well I have to say, typically I don’t think much about things like that and I never run to the grocery store and get the milk, eggs, bread, and so on. Reason being as far as I can remember, in my lifetime, we have at most been snowed in for a day or two, and I typically have enough food in the house to sustain myself for that period of time. So when this one was announced I didn’t think much about it either. Until, I got to thinking that I travel nearly 50 miles each way to and from work and this particular storm, would be arriving during my shift at work and then continually get worse the closer to home I got. Enter the thought that I need a different winter vehicle.

So on Wednesday I started doing research on different vehicles and their respective on and off road capabilities, ride, dependability, and of course price. The vehicle that I came up with was a smaller SUV, with plenty of interior room, good reviews from actual owners, and something that I could afford for a second vehicle without breaking the bank. So yesterday I purchased a 2003 Nissan Xterra SE. It’s a little older, with a few minor issues, but I was happy with the decision.

Now let me tell you about the first trip to work and back in my “new” old vehicle. The “X” as they have come to be know, lived up to the reviews that I read, not a lot of power, rides a little like a truck, no frills or extras, yet a sold vehicle. The trip to work was uneventful, from Uniontown, where I live, to Greensburg then on to downtown Pittsburgh. And as the day progressed the storm proceeded as they had forecasted, move in from the south and arrive in Pittsburgh by around 6 or 7pm. So at 7 we close up the store and I head for home. And as predicted the weather got worse the further south I drove towards home. At about the halfway point I had to put my new vehicle in 4 wheel drive where it would remain the rest of the way home. By the time I got to the house there was around 7-8 inches of snow and my “new” old car brought me right up the hill to my house without spinning a tire. I have to say that I am impressed. And if I was driving my Ford Focus I might have had to stay overnight in the car.

I’m looking forward to many great adventures in my “new” old car and I’m sure that from time to time I’ll post a little something about the day.

Tonights photo isn’t great, it’s off the porch in the dark but I just wanted to show off my new toy.


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Many of you may remember a time when the “Country Store” was where you went to get everything you needed. Unfortunately as with many of the “Mom and Pop” store they have been devoured by the big box stores and our own personal need to move so quickly through our day, our week, and our life.  Today after meeting a friend for a late lunch, I took a ride out through the countryside and came across Barbs Country Store in Rector, Pa. Nestled among the pine tress lies a simple wood structure with an American Flag proudly displayed, a mail box, ice chest, and two well used gas pumps out front. At first glance it doesn’t look like much but a quick read of the quaint road sign gives you a little indication of what awaits their patrons. Today, being Sunday they were closed for the day so to see the inside you’ll just have to stop by and visit.


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You can see some of their offerings on their website.



Project 365 | Day 26 Snow Covered

Today I finally made it out in the day light to do a little photography.  I managed to make it to a couple of different places before the darkness settled in for another cool night.  The weather around here is so up and down it’s really hard to plan anything.  Today it was in the mid 20’s and tonight it’s roughly 37ºF.  Tomorrow it’s to be 26º and Tuesday the high temp is 7ºF.  Well that’s enough complaining about the weather.

So tonight’s photo is the main house of West Overton Village, which was the birth place of Henry Frick.  Henry Frick started a small coal and coke business in the late 1870’s which went on to become one of the largest coke producers in the country.  He also went into business with Andrew Carnegie, who had a tremendous influence in the Pittsburgh area during the height of the steel industry.

West Overton

Project 365 | Day 21 Footprints

When I got home this evening from work I noticed that the mail person had chosen to walk through the yard from the neighbors.  Lucky for me they left a single set of footprints in the snow that were just begging to have their photo taken.

What do you think?

Foot Prints