Project 365 | Day 26 Snow Covered

Today I finally made it out in the day light to do a little photography.  I managed to make it to a couple of different places before the darkness settled in for another cool night.  The weather around here is so up and down it’s really hard to plan anything.  Today it was in the mid 20’s and tonight it’s roughly 37ºF.  Tomorrow it’s to be 26º and Tuesday the high temp is 7ºF.  Well that’s enough complaining about the weather.

So tonight’s photo is the main house of West Overton Village, which was the birth place of Henry Frick.  Henry Frick started a small coal and coke business in the late 1870’s which went on to become one of the largest coke producers in the country.  He also went into business with Andrew Carnegie, who had a tremendous influence in the Pittsburgh area during the height of the steel industry.

West Overton

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