17 of 366

Many of you may remember a time when the “Country Store” was where you went to get everything you needed. Unfortunately as with many of the “Mom and Pop” store they have been devoured by the big box stores and our own personal need to move so quickly through our day, our week, and our life.  Today after meeting a friend for a late lunch, I took a ride out through the countryside and came across Barbs Country Store in Rector, Pa. Nestled among the pine tress lies a simple wood structure with an American Flag proudly displayed, a mail box, ice chest, and two well used gas pumps out front. At first glance it doesn’t look like much but a quick read of the quaint road sign gives you a little indication of what awaits their patrons. Today, being Sunday they were closed for the day so to see the inside you’ll just have to stop by and visit.


17-365 17.1/365

You can see some of their offerings on their website.



2 thoughts on “17 of 366”

  1. That store has been there for many years. It has been owned by many different people. My aunt and uncle had a cabin up the road by Lynn Run for many years and we used to stop there for gas and other goodies.

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