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Well it’s winter here in Southwestern Pa and with that comes the Annual Ligonier Ice Festival, to be exact the 25th annual ice festival. Yesterday’s weather cancelled many of the events as the winter storm Jonas, dropped around 20 inches of snow on the festivities. But today the sun was out, the skies were blue and the people were present. During my visit today they held a speed carving contest where the contestants were give 30 minutes to make their carvings come to life out of just a single block of ice. And I have to say that they done an amazing job. Below are several photos of the carving and many of the ice sculptures. Hope you enjoy the photos. #2eightphotography


The Star Fish was the winner of the speed carving contest.




















Carving an Ice Dragon

Todays post is a few photos from the Ligonier ice festival.  I was there on Sunday and got a few shots showing the concentration of the sculptors.  I was amazed at the speed at which they were able to take a block of ice and form it into a sculpture using a chain saw, grinder, and Dremel tool.  It was fun to watch and this year the weather wasn’t that bad.  It was about 35 degrees or so which isn’t that bad considering the last time I was there it was about 10 degrees.

Hope you enjoy.