Working Up a Sweat

Tonight my post is of a flower that just looked like it was working hard.  I thought the water droplets and flush colors made it look as though it had just finished a tough workout and was ready for a cool drink.

Working up a Sweat

A Weeping Orchid

As I looked through photos searching for something to post tonight I came across this sad orchid.  As I looked at this orchid I thought to myself that this particular orchid was having a really bad day.  I wondered if the photo reflected my personal feelings at the time.

Do you think that your photography represents how you feel when your taking the photo?


Light and Shadow

Tonights photos take a look at the use of light and shadow to create a mood in the photo.  I like to look for situations, like the ones in these photos, where the light and shadow give a dark look to the photo.  You will see in the first and third photo that the mood is different from that of the middle one.

Let me know what you think.

Hope you enjoy.

backlight backlight1 backlight2