365 Project | Day 13 A Shadow

Since every moment I’ve had free to myself today it ha rained, I’ll post another shot that I took on a group outing with my photography club.  Over the years I have become fond of photographing parts of my subjects rather than the whole subject.  And todays photo is no different.  I have also found that the use of shadows can really make a photo interesting.  What do you think?

East Shadow

That Amazing Machine Called the Bicycle

Tonights post is about that amazing machine called the bicycle.  Not only is the bicycle a great means of transportation, recreation, relaxation, and fun, it is a great subject for photography.  In the city there are plenty of opportunities to photograph bicycles that are conveniently placed just about anywhere there is a parking meter or pole for the owner to lock their bike.  When the sun is out they make excellent shadows on the ground.  How many of you have looked at the ground for the shadows a bicycle makes?  Next time you see a bicycle chained to a pole stop and take a look at the shadow that the bike cast.

Hope you enjoy.

Bike 1 shadow 2 Shadow 3


Shadow 1