Project 365 | Day 76 The Majestic Orchid

As promised in yesterdays post I will be showing you what I feel is the most fascinating flower that I have ever photographed.  The orchid has held my attention for years now and every chance that I get I photograph them.  There is just something about them that really catches my eye and trying to portray those qualities in photography has become a quest for me.

Fun Facts about orchids:

When you look at an orchid you might think to yourself how delicate these flowers are, but in fact they live on every continent in the world except Antarctica.  They range in size from about the size of a fingernail to the largest weighing in at several hundred pounds.  They can live upwards of 100 years and their seeds are among the smallest in the world.  Orchids have become the most popular household plant of all time.

Phipps Conservatory

Luckily in my area we have botanical garden that has many different orchids on display and I make several trips there to photograph them every year.  The place that I’m referring to is Phipps Conservatory.

In this evenings post I’m going to show you a couple of different orchids and please don’t request their names.  I’m just an admirer of the flowers not a botanist.

White Orchid

Of the orchids that I’m going to show you the white orchid is one of my favorites.  This one was shot with available light and I just love the way the light highlights the edges and center of the flower.

Pink Orchid

The next orchid that I really enjoy is the one on the left here.  The pale pink cooler and the bright yellow of the center really make for a great color combination.

Green Slipper

The example that you see here is another very interesting type of orchid. I think that it is referred to as a slipper as it kinda looks like a shoe.  The way this orchid has its bottom lip is designed as a landing platform for pollinators and in the case of this type of orchid a trap for its prey.

OrchidAnd last but certainly not least is just a beautiful example of a delicate purple orchid.

I hope you have enjoyed looking and reading a little about the flowers that I find so very fascinating.  And maybe next time you see one of these majestic flowers you’ll take a moment and really enjoy their beauty.

Do you have a flower you find to be most interesting?  I would love to hear from you about your favorite flowers.

An Intimate Portrait of an Orchid

As some of you may have noticed I like to photograph flowers.  I’m really not sure what the allure os but I have always found them to be amazing.  Then, one day, I started taking photos of orchids and haven’t stopped since.  There is just something about the orchid that catches my eye.  I guess it’s their delicate nature that I try to capture in a photograph.  I have photographed many different types, colors, shapes, and sizes of orchids but have definitely fallen in love with the white orchid.  Todays post is an intimate look at a white orchid.

I hope you enjoy.  Which view do you like the best?

intimate 1 intimate 2 intimate 3 intimate 4

Portrait of an Orchid

So yesterday the photography club I belong to took a trip to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh, Pa.  This is always a nice trip for those that go and we had a great time.  And on a side note we always go as a group out for a late lunch and yesterday we went to the Spaghetti Wearhouse, another one of my favorite places to go.

Hope you enjoy the flower portraits:

Orchid Tounge Orchid Purple Orchid