Looking Into the Sky

From time to time we should all take a moment and look up into the sky and think about the vastness of the universe. Many live in cities and towns and never have the chance to see the sky from a truly dark place where you can see so much with the naked eye. But I highly recommend taking the time to go visit an area where you can look into the sky and see the stars. These photos were taken a few nights ago while on a Milky Way walk with some old friends and a few new ones as well.

Go outside and look up….

Project 365 | Day 81 Light Movement

Tonight we take a look at the corner of Grant and Sixth Avenue in Pittsburgh for a little light movement.  I enjoy shooting in the evening and at night because of the ability to change how a simple corner shot of a street can be made interesting with just a small adjustment in your camera.  I’m referring to a long exposure to show the movement of light from cars, trains, airplanes, boats, well you get the point.

Tonight I didn’t set out to shoot for movement or I would have lugged along my trusty Bogen tripod. So when I decided to shot for the “movement” I had to figure a way to hold the camera still for the longer exposure.  As luck would have it there was a street barricade on the corner left over from the St. Patrick’s day parade.  I was able to balance my camera on the barricade and hold it still enough to take the 1/2 second exposure.  I think it worked out fairly well.

What crazy things have you used to steady your camera when you were without your tripod?

Light Movement

Project 365 | Day 39 Blast from the Past

Tonight I was walking to the car after work and noticed this thing that I didn’t think existed anymore.

I can’t really recall the last time I used one of these can you?

That’s right kids this is a pay phone, no games, internet, Facebook, or twitter.

Blast from the Past

Project 365 | Day 24 Old and New

So tonight I headed back out into the abyss of darkness and cold to bring you guys another city shot from a different perspective.  I look up to the dark sky and see the lights in the office buildings, and I think to myself are there still people up there working?  Is that what it means to chase the American dream, work all day and night never having any time for the fun things in life, like wandering around with a camera in the freezing cold.  Then again it could be their passion to work the hours and get their piece of the pie.  Lets face it, not everyone is cut out to walk around in the freezing temps and blistering wind just to find something to ramble on about in a blog post.  So I guess they do what they do and I do what I do and we just have our own bit of happiness.  I guess what I’m trying to say is: Do what makes you happy and enjoy as much of your life as possible.

The title of this post is old and new, as this photo show some of the old architecture of the city as well as a bit of the new.

Let me know what you think.

Old and New

365 Project | Day 9 Evening in the City

So todays photo is a city shot from a different perspective.  We often shoot at eye level and  sometimes just a change in elevation will give a whole new look to a photograph.  So for this one I went about 3 stories up in a parking garage and shot down the street.

Smithfield Street and Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Street View

A Trip to the County Fair

Recently the photography group that I belong to took a trip to the Westmoreland County Fair to do some slow motion photography.  We had a great time as a group and each of us walked away with something totally different.

Below are some of the shots that I got.  Hope you enjoy them.

Ferris Wheel Close up Ferris Wheel Light Fun Light Triangles YoYo