A Trip to the County Fair

Recently the photography group that I belong to took a trip to the Westmoreland County Fair to do some slow motion photography.  We had a great time as a group and each of us walked away with something totally different.

Below are some of the shots that I got.  Hope you enjoy them.

Ferris Wheel Close up Ferris Wheel Light Fun Light Triangles YoYo

The Disappearing Foot

So if you have been following my blog you may have noticed that I like to do things a little different.  Odd angles, fisheye lens, slow shutter speeds and use of light for effect.  Tonights post follows along in the same fashion.  If you haven’t noticed, I like.. no wait.. love, spending time in the city.  To me the city has so much to offer and I can’t seem to stop finding new things to photograph.  Those that live and work in the city may find things mundane and uninteresting.  But sometimes just by slowing down and sitting on the corner you may find something interesting to watch.  That is exactly how this group of photos came into existence.  I do have to admit that the idea was given to me by a friend, but I think I put my own twist on the subject.  By the way, if you do this you may get a few strange looks and concerning questions but hey that’s half the fun.

Hope you enjoy the mystery of the Disappearing Foot.

Run Across the Street

Tonight’s’ post is a shot from Pittsburgh on Fifth Avenue.  I like to work with slow motion when shooting on the streets in the city.  I’ve been working on a series of photos all shot in the streets of the city.

This one is using a fisheye lens and slow shutter speed to get the motion of the business lady crossing the street.


High Speed Zamboni

So tonight on my way out of work I walked by the ice skating rink at PPG place in downtown Pittsburgh.  I watched for just a minute and then decided to go grab my camera and tripod and take a few quick shots of the skaters.  But as usual, my plans were derailed when I got back, as the skaters were all off the ice and they were resurfacing it with the Zamboni.  You may recall, I mentioned having a list of subject to photograph this year an as luck would have it a Zamboni is number 127 on my list.  So here is my shot of a Zamboni speeding around the ice.

High Speed Zamboni

Night Time in the City

After showing you an overall scene of the city of Pittsburgh, I thought that I would show you a photo that I took on a walk downtown one evening.  Yesterday I talked about looking around you to see what the city has to offer.  After walking through this corner countless times, one evening I stopped and took a few minuets to look around, then the idea for this photo came to me and the next night I was standing there with my camera and tripod.  I think the results were worth it.  Feel free to let me know what you think.

Pittsburgh Streets


This photo was taken using a fisheye lens and a slow shutter speed to get the streaking of the lights.  I will say that my work kept me from getting out today to take any photos but I was able to pull this one from my archives.