Black and White or Color? That is the Question

For tonights post I thought I would propose a question.  It’s a simple question, but I think it really could spark a great conversation.

“Black & White or Color?”

Simple enough question but what’s the right answer?  Personally I lean towards black and white when looking at photographs, and as I stated in a previous post I have always been intrigued by black and white photography.  As a photographer you need to think about this question constantly.  So how do you make the decision?  I will often post process the image both ways, place them on the screen side-by-side and see which one gives me the emotion that I saw when I took the photo.  I also find that I will eventually use both versions depending on the situation.

I’m very interested in your thoughts on this subject.  What is your process when making this decision?  How do you make your photos black and white?  Do you use digital and convert or are you still a die hard and shoot B&W film?  And finally which version of this tree do you like best?

Tree Black and White Tree Color

High Speed Zamboni

So tonight on my way out of work I walked by the ice skating rink at PPG place in downtown Pittsburgh.  I watched for just a minute and then decided to go grab my camera and tripod and take a few quick shots of the skaters.  But as usual, my plans were derailed when I got back, as the skaters were all off the ice and they were resurfacing it with the Zamboni.  You may recall, I mentioned having a list of subject to photograph this year an as luck would have it a Zamboni is number 127 on my list.  So here is my shot of a Zamboni speeding around the ice.

High Speed Zamboni