Project 365 | Day 81 Light Movement

Tonight we take a look at the corner of Grant and Sixth Avenue in Pittsburgh for a little light movement.  I enjoy shooting in the evening and at night because of the ability to change how a simple corner shot of a street can be made interesting with just a small adjustment in your camera.  I’m referring to a long exposure to show the movement of light from cars, trains, airplanes, boats, well you get the point.

Tonight I didn’t set out to shoot for movement or I would have lugged along my trusty Bogen tripod. So when I decided to shot for the “movement” I had to figure a way to hold the camera still for the longer exposure.  As luck would have it there was a street barricade on the corner left over from the St. Patrick’s day parade.  I was able to balance my camera on the barricade and hold it still enough to take the 1/2 second exposure.  I think it worked out fairly well.

What crazy things have you used to steady your camera when you were without your tripod?

Light Movement

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