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The city can be a scary place for some but from the right perspective it can also be magnificent. I have the great fortune to live near a city that has a most beautiful skyline and last night the weather was warm and the rivers were calm, so I just had to take a little time and take a few photos. Now, the city I live near is settled just below Mt. Washington which allows for a unique view from above the city, which really makes for some great photos of the skyline. The city I’m referring to is none other than Pittsburgh, Pa. If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit I would recommend taking the time to stop by. While your there stop on Mt. Washington and take in the view of the city, oh and by the way you have to stop by Primanti Brothers for one of their world famous sandwiches.

I hope you enjoy the views from Mt. Washington as much as I do.





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Today we take a quick look at another building that is being razed in downtown Pittsburgh. The interesting part of about these buildings is the way in which they are being torn down. But first just a little back story. The building have been empty for several years and have been purchased by Point Park University. The school has decided to tear them down to make way for their new state of the art play house. Now for the interesting part. The facades of each of these building is being taken down brick by brick for the purpose of erecting them as part of the new building, thus preserving the most historic parts of the building. And luckily, I work right across the street from this project and can watch the progress daily. #2eightphotography




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In with the new out with the old, seems to be the story when it comes to a lot of the buildings in the city of Pittsburgh. Todays photos are of the Saks Fifth Avenue Store which is currently being razed to make way for a 585 space parking garage and 22,000 square feet of retail shops. Saks was open for business in Pittsburgh for for some 60 years before closing its doors in 2012.