365 Project | Day 7

So today was supposed to be my day off.  Which was a good thing as the high today was only about 6° F.  But as luck would have it my store had a heating malfunction causing us to close early for the day.  Still a god thing right?  Nope not at all, at least not for me.  I was called in to open the doors so that the building engineer could examine the problem.  So much for my day off.  And by the way, they haven’t fixed the heating problem yet.

I had planned to get out to a local waterfall and see if had frozen completely over but that didn’t happen so today you get another cold picture from the city of Pittsburgh.  This photo was taken this evening a little after 5pm and the temp was sharply sitting at 3° with a wind chill of around -30°.  Nice day for a walk in the city.  This lady didn’t seem to be enjoying her walk.

Cold Walk

365 Project | Day 6

So the big store in the area today is the cold front moving through which has caused sever drops in temperature.  Tonight’s photo is just a simple one of the temperature at 10:00 pm. It’s hard to believe that last night I was out in a t-shirt and tonight well lets just say its a little chilly…


365 Project | Day 5

Todays photo is something I saw while walking to my car last night after work.  We walk by things ilk this all the time and for the most part don’t even notice that they are there.  But the message on this item got me thinking about what makes a person happy.  There can be any number of things that bring happiness to you.  It could be a simple conversation with a friend, a walk in the park, or a good book.  For some it could be a cup of coffee.


I hope that all of you have JOY in your life!


365 Project | Day 3

So todays photo was inspired by the fact that I almost ran out of time yesterday.  I planned my evening carefully so that I would have plenty of time to get my day 2 post out and the bad weather through all those plans right out the window.  Sometimes no matter how carefully we plan our day we just seem to run out of time.

This is the historic Kaufmann’s Clock in Pittsburgh, Pa.