365 Project | Day 7

So today was supposed to be my day off.  Which was a good thing as the high today was only about 6° F.  But as luck would have it my store had a heating malfunction causing us to close early for the day.  Still a god thing right?  Nope not at all, at least not for me.  I was called in to open the doors so that the building engineer could examine the problem.  So much for my day off.  And by the way, they haven’t fixed the heating problem yet.

I had planned to get out to a local waterfall and see if had frozen completely over but that didn’t happen so today you get another cold picture from the city of Pittsburgh.  This photo was taken this evening a little after 5pm and the temp was sharply sitting at 3° with a wind chill of around -30°.  Nice day for a walk in the city.  This lady didn’t seem to be enjoying her walk.

Cold Walk

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