An Hour Later…

So recently the Westmoreland Photographers Society took a trip to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh.  And this trip was no disappointment.  There were many birds ready to pose for a picture and we were very pleased to appease them.  In one of the rooms I noticed this particularly bright orange and black bird which seemed to stay in the top of the trees.  So I decided that I wasn’t leaving the room until I caught him in a pose.  Well that proved to be more difficult that I had thought and an hour later I finally caught the little guy.  I think the times was well spent.


Birds of a Feather

Well once agin the temperature in in the teens and tomorrow will be no exception.  So I got to thinking what can one do to feel like its warm and tropical yet not spend a small fortune on a plane ticket to Fiji?  Well in Pittsburgh (current temperature 16 degrees F) you could visit the National Aviary.  It’s a really cool place to visit and see some really amazing birds up close and personal.  I visit the aviary every year in the winter months as it is fairy warm and it gives you a chance to get out and take some photos on one of those cold winter days.

Below are a few of the photos I have taken at the aviary.  Hope you enjoy!

Eagle Flamingo Taking Off Yellow Bird