365 – 114 Blue Bells

Today a couple of us from the photography club that I belong to made a short trip to Cedar Creek Park and did a little wild flower photography.  I had a great time hanging out with some good friends, taking some photos, and just enjoying the morning.

Blue Bells

365 – 96 The Mysterious Disappearing Duck

So today on my way home from work I took a quick trip to Cedar Creek Park in Westmoreland County.  The park has several walking trails and is a great place to clear your mind and enjoy the weather.

Today as I started on the Gorge Trail I noticed a duck in the stream, so I changed lenses on my camera to get a few shots of him but the duck disappeared.  At first I thought he had just flown away but then I noticed him up-stream about 20 feet.  As I was taking some photos the duck went under water and disappeared once again.  I watched up-stream and he reappeared in the same location as before.  I watched him do this several times floating down stream and swimming back up-stream under the water.  I was amazed that he would disappear and reappear in the same place every time.

So anyhow here is a picture of the disappearing duck that I encountered on my walk today in Cedar Creek Park.


A Spring Flower Poses for a Portrait

Tonight’s post is a close up of a Trillium.  I find these flowers to be very interesting because of the how the grow in great abundance in some areas and just down the trail a few feet there will be none.  There is a local park that only have white Trilliums.  I have visited the area many times and never saw a single red or yellow Trillium.  And yet other areas have an abundance of the red and not as many of the white.

This one was taken in Cedar Creek Park in Rostraver, Pa.  This park has a mixture of red, white and yellow Trilliums.  As well as many other species of wild flowers.

Hope you enjoy!