365 – 96 The Mysterious Disappearing Duck

So today on my way home from work I took a quick trip to Cedar Creek Park in Westmoreland County.  The park has several walking trails and is a great place to clear your mind and enjoy the weather.

Today as I started on the Gorge Trail I noticed a duck in the stream, so I changed lenses on my camera to get a few shots of him but the duck disappeared.  At first I thought he had just flown away but then I noticed him up-stream about 20 feet.  As I was taking some photos the duck went under water and disappeared once again.  I watched up-stream and he reappeared in the same location as before.  I watched him do this several times floating down stream and swimming back up-stream under the water.  I was amazed that he would disappear and reappear in the same place every time.

So anyhow here is a picture of the disappearing duck that I encountered on my walk today in Cedar Creek Park.


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