Project 365 | Day 53 Where did you come From?

If you have been following my 365 project you most likely saw the photo of my lost car in the snow that we had just a few short days ago.  And if you happen to live in Western Pa you will understand exactly where I’m coming from with this post.

We have some of the weirdest weather. A few days ago we had between two and three feet of snow and today the snow is gone the temps are in the upper 40’s or lower 50’s and this really weird thing is following me every where I walk.  I have seen this thing in the past and I really don’t know what to make of it.  I was wondering if you guys would care to enlighten me as to what this is in the photo?

Thanks for you help in advance.

ShadowOh and by the way, there is this really bright light in the sky theses last two days and I am still a little confused as to what that is as well.

For those of you that don’t live in Western Pa, we have an over abundance of what I like to call “Pennsylvania Gray” skies, which causes the sun to elude us quite often.


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