365 – 88 Lunch Time

If your ever in downtown Pittsburgh I recommend Mike and Tony’s Gyros.  Just don’t spend a lot of time looking around inside true place LOL.  The food is excellent and priced reasonably.

The guy in this photo didn’t seem to like the idea of having his photo taken but I just liked the expression on his face, which seems to depict his feelings about me taking the photo.

Have you found a particular way that seems to work when doing street photography that allows you to get the shot and not have problems with the people in the photo?  I’m open to any suggestions.


Project 365 | Day 84 Concentration

I willing to bet that everyone reading this post has done this at one time or another.  You know when your walking down the street looking at your cell phone and run into something or somebody.  Bet your laughing right now saying “Yep I’ve done that”.  I’ve done it on more than one occasion and the bad part is I don’t even need to have a cell phone in my hand.  I literally have walked into things just because I was looking at some reflection or light pattern on a building and was thinking that would make a great picture.

Fortunately today I walked around the city for and hour or so and managed not to walking into anything.  And I’m hoping the guy in this picture done the same, although he does seem to be concentrating on his cell phone and perhaps he did walk into something or someone.

I would love to hear your stories about walking into objects or people while paying close attention to something else.