Project 365 | Day 34 Choices

Choices, we make them everyday: what to wear, what to eat, when to sleep, what to watch.  Tonight I stopped in Sheetz (a convenience store in our area) and as I stood in front of the drink cooler trying to choose what to drink, I thought to my self how much time do I waste doing this everyday? Wouldn’t it be easier if there were simply fewer choices?  After making a decision on a bottle of water and some raspberry iced tea I turned around and before me was more choices, candy, chips, fruit, pastries, well you get the idea.  More time wasted. So I continued on with my journey home and had to stop at the local movie store to return a DVD.  Again wasted time looking for something to watch..  Well my brain is fried, I’m tired and ready to hit the sack, so for tonight: Good night!  Now where did I put the remote?

Oh the Choices!