Photographic Terms… Why Change Them???

You may call me a traditionalist when it comes to the terminology of photography, but I really have a problem with some making up terms just to try and make their self look smart.

An example of what I’m talking about is when referring to limited depth of field, why do some have the need to call it such things as “thin focus”.  We have been using certain terms for such a long time why do we have the need to change them now?  If you have an answer please let me know.

Basic Photography Where Has it Gone?

It seems to me that we as photographers have become so dependent on photoshop and post processing that we have lost the basics of photography.  We have let the use of composition, exposure, depth of field, and the photographic process be replaced by the idea of “I’ll fix it later on the computer.”

In my opinion if we give up or lose the basics we will be losing the most important part of photography.  Our responsibility as photographers is to help, teach, and pass on the knowledge that we posses. There are many new and learning photographers that are excited and interested in what we have to offer.  So what are you doing to help your fellow photographers?  I’m going to attempt to use this blog as a way of giving some basic advice on different subjects, ideas, and photographic ideas.  I hope that at least one person gets something out of it.  So check back often and keep looking for new posts.  Please make comments as well.