365 – 97 What’s that Thing on the Tree

For those of you that follow my blog you know that I photograph just about anything and todays post is no different.  I shot this while taking a walk in the woods, as I took the picture I started thinking. How many people would look at me weird if they sam me crawling around in the mud taking a picture of something most would avoid.  I’m sure I’ve gotten many of those looks and comments over the years but frankly I don’t give a hoot.  Photography has led me in many directions over the years, weddings, professional sports, racing, but there is nothing like hanging out in the woods, not thinking about life, and taking photos of whatever little thing you think might look interesting.

I guess the moral of the story is:  Do more of what makes you happy.

Oh and by the way that weird thing I was taking pictures of was none other than a fungus.

What are some of the weird comments made to you while out taking photos?


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