365 – 94 Express Your Inner Color

Todays photo takes us back to the streets of Pittsburgh.  As it rained all day today I had to go back a couple of days for this shot.  As I was walking down the street the bright yellow jacket that this girls was wearing caught my attention.  So I took a couple of shots of her and moved on.  As I was preparing the photo for this post I noticed that she was wearing two different socks.  Both of which are bright and stand out like her jacket. What amazes me as that she was perfectly fine with the fact that she had two neon colored socks and the bright yellow jacket.  Personally I don’t think I would be able to allow my inner color shine as loud as hers, but maybe we all need to let our inner color out a little more often.

How do you let your inner color shine????


One thought on “365 – 94 Express Your Inner Color”

  1. When I first read your blog I thought perhaps she had on those “Little Missmatched Color Coordinated Socks” they sell on QVC. NOPE, she just must LOVE color. Three cheers for the girl at the bus shelter not afraid to express her inner color…………

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