Project 365 | Day 79 5th Ave

This evenings photo was taken while I was out on my walk in the city.  As I was crossing 5th Avenue in Pittsburgh,  I stopped and took a few shots down the street.  When I got home and uploaded the photos to my computer I was surprised at both the color of the sky and the fact that there wasn’t anyone on the street.  Those of you that are familiar with Pittsburgh know that 5th ave is always busy.  It is rare to find this street without humans especially just before dark.

What do you think of the composition of this photo?

5th Ave

2 thoughts on “Project 365 | Day 79 5th Ave”

  1. Another great shot, Brian. I love how 5th Avenue leads your eyes directly to the Highmark Building in the distance, then to the light on top of it. I also like how the photo begins with almost an absence of light and then erupts as you go further down the street……….

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