Project 365 | Day 71 Locked Up

As of late I have been trying to figure out a way to make my blog a little more interesting.  Sure, I know all of you are waiting patiently for the next great photo, but as I look at my blog I find that there really isn’t much that someone might find interesting to go along with the photos.  A friend and I both started this 365 project this year and I really like the way she has something to say about the story behind the photo, where she found it, what made her think of it, etc..  I personally find reading the story to be just as fun as looking at the photos, and I think that is something that I’m missing with my post.

Tonights photo is part of my inspiration to unlock the story behind the photo and give you a little more insight as to what I was thinking.  I walk by this gate in Pittsburgh often and always look down the dark narrow passage, which has garbage dumpsters and is just full of junk.  And during warmer days I often see that someone parks their motorcycle in the passage.  The gate has a chain and lock on it and I thought that fit nicely with how I was feeling about my blog, like it was locked and I needed to find a key to open the door for myself and my readers.

What do you think? Does the picture go with the story?

Locke Up

2 thoughts on “Project 365 | Day 71 Locked Up”

  1. GREAT BLOG, Brian. It’s funny how I was thinking I needed to streamline my blog and concentrate more on the artistic qualities of the photos…. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of your posts and envy the great city shots you seem to find so effortlessly. KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK………….. 🙂

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