Project 365 | Day 65 A Murder Mystery at Baughman Rocks

For todays’ photo we head to an overlook in Ohiopyle .  This is called Baughman Rocks.  The view from Baughman Rocks is spectacular but the story behind the rocks is just as interesting.

Apparently the rocks are part of a murder mystery that took place in 1849.  The story tells of a father and his two sons that were out looking for missing cows and during their search the father got upset with one of the sons for lagging behind.  After some yelling he hit the boy with a large stick, that he had been carrying, and possibly killed him.  He then took the child and laid his body in a crevice in the rocks.  Claiming that the two boys had been running and the missing child had gotten ahead of them he thought that the boy had returned home.  So for the better part of a month a great search for the missing boy took place.  After the blame for the missing boy turned towards the father the surviving son told the story, later testifying in court against his father.  Who was found guilty and spent over 11 years in prison, all the while proclaiming innocence.  They mysterious part of the story is that the body of the boy was never found.

The question remains today did the father kill the boy and bury him somewhere in the woods, was he just knocked out and later awoke and got lost in the woods, was the human remains found in nearby pine swamp those of the boy?  We may never know the true story of the fate of the boy.

Baughman Rocks

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