Project 365 | Day 14 A City View

So for todays photo I wanted to share a place that I have always enjoyed visiting and photographing.  I guess you could say I’m fascinated with all there is to do and see when you’re in the city.  The area where I grew up and still live in today is more rural.  The landscape is covered with farms and woods are more prevalent than towns and buildings. But as a child I can remember making the trip to the city and just being amazed at what there was to see when we visited.

The city that I’m referring to is Pittsburgh, Pa.  and if you ever have the chance to visit I highly recommend checking this city out.  If you come into the city through the Liberty or Ft. Pitt tunnels when you exit the tunnel you are greeted by a beautiful view of the city.  And that’s just the beginning as far as views.  You can travel to Mt. Washington either by car or using one of the two inclines and the view of the city from Mt. Washington are just amazing, which by the way was the inspiration for tonight’s photo.

Now that I’m all grown up and work in the city every day.  You might think that the fascination has worn off.  Well i can say not in the least.  Every morning I enter the city via the Liberty Tunnels and if I time it just right the city is bathed in the light from the sunrise and I think to myself what a beautiful view.  And every night I leave the city in the dark and think to myself the same thing.  So tonight I took a slight detour to Mt. Washington and took a few shots of this fascinating place.  And here is one of them.

Pittsburgh, Pa. from atop Mt. Washington


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