365 Project | Day 11 Smoking in the Street

So today was a complete wash as far as getting out to do any photography.  Worked all day and it was raining this morning when I went to work.  So I’m posting a shot that I took a while back during a photo club outing in Pittsburgh.

One of the reasons I like to shoot in the streets is because everything changes so quickly, you typically don’t have time to set up your shot.  Most of the time you might get one or two frames and the subject has moved on.  That was the case with this photo.  I took one shot and the girl had to go back into the shop she was working at.

Smoke Break

2 thoughts on “365 Project | Day 11 Smoking in the Street”

  1. Love the composition of this 🙂 I like the challenge of street photography because, like you say, nothing stays the same for very long.

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