“Desolation” a photography project.. update

I have been working on this project for a while now and some of it will soon be on display during February at the Allegory Gallery, in Ligonier, Pa.  www.allegorygallery.com

This project began with an old abandon house that I photographed, which sparked an interest in finding more abandon places.  I have decided to use the HDR technique for this project which has resulted in some very interesting results.  As I work on this project it often comes to mind why did the people leave?  Where did they go?  And why did they leave so much of their belongings behind?  Questions, I fear, that may never be completely answered.

I hope that you find the photography of this project as enjoyable as it was for me to produce the photos.  I will update with the particulars of the show as soon as they become available.

Hope to see you at the show…

Until then here is a quick teaser…

4 thoughts on ““Desolation” a photography project.. update”

    1. It’s a great house. Looks like someone tried fixing it up then just gave up. If you haven’t been there before be careful of the floors, looked like someone had cut out some of the flooring. I didn’t venture inside this one as I wasn’t sure it would be safe.

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