Photography Exhibit…

There is a photography exhibit at the Allegory Gallery in Ligonier, Pa.  The photographer is Lorie Lee Womack.

Her exhibit is titled “Human Nature” which is a series of photographs that incorporate people and nature.

If you are in the Ligonier area and have a chance to stop in Allegory Gallery take a look at Human Nature.

2 thoughts on “Photography Exhibit…”

  1. Lorie’s photography is so emotive, I would highly recommend her work to anyone. If you are in the area, go. Her work is truly worth it!! It is a shame that Allegory Gallery is in the process of going out of business. Perhaps the owners could hold another fundraiser to keep from going bankrupt so that Ligonier can enjoy the art that has come to town.

    1. I have to agree with you on the photography of Lorie’s it is very emotive. I would also like to point out that the majority of the ones at the show are double exposure 35mm film with no photoshop work. As far as I know Allegory Gallery is not going out of business, but just getting started. They have only been there a short period of time. Thanks for you comment and I will let lorie know what you had to say about her photography. Also keep in mind that the next show at Allegory Gallery will be “Desolation” which will be my own show.

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