“Desolation” – A New Series of Photographs

So i’ve been working on a new series of photos.  A while ago a good friend of mine suggested that I work in series, and I have done a few small ones and find it very interesting to keep them in mind as you are looking for something to photograph.  I did a series on reflections where I used chrome on automobile and reflections in glass windows on buildings.  The series worked well for me as I used it to become a member of Pittsburgh Society of Artists as well as the Associated Artists of Pittsburgh.

The new series that I’m working on is: “Desolation”

The dictionary defines desolation as a state of complete emptiness or destruction.  The following photos are the beginning of this new project and as I work on it I will post more of the series.

Hope you enjoy.  Feel free to comment back and let me know what you think.

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