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I don’t know how many of you are train photographers, but several of my friends are quite good at it and I thought I would try it myself. So yesterday during my travels I decided that I would wait near a set of tracks and get a quick shot of the next train. Well let me say that waiting is just what I did. About an hour before the train showed up and by then I was about done waiting. Just as I was getting ready to hit the starter, I heard the distinctive noise of the gates dropping to warn oncoming traffic. So I grabbed my camera jumped out of my vehicle, ran to the spot that I had picked, and turned to see the train was right in front of me. An important side note to think about is that I didn’t hear the train until the air horn went off and if you were on those tracks you wouldn’t be alive right now. So if you going to try your hand at taking train photos STAY OFF THE TRACKS. So the result is not what I intended, but it’s a train and now I have a goal of getting better train photos.


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