Two Days in a Car

Yesterday I posted that two of my friends and myself were headed out for a road trip which would take us from Pennsylvania to Texas.  While this sounds like a great adventure it was a total of over 28 hours in a car, with a few stops and a little food along the way.

The day started with both of my travel buddies laughing as I brought out my agreed upon luggage to the already fully loaded car.  Since  neither of them stuck to the plan, we suddenly had a lot of luggage to deal with.  With a little luck and ingenuity, we managed to pack all of our luggage and camera gear into the car and was still able to see out of the back window.

Photo Oct 19, 11 55 31 AM

Next stop, TEXAS…..  Yea right.

Actually our next stop was the New River Gorge in West Virginia.  The color of the trees were great and it made for a great first stop.

New River Gorge

Our next stop was Dairy Queen, just down the road.  This may seem like it’s not really noteworthy, but let me tell this little side note.  As we picked our seat out, Margie said lets sit at the table.  Ok no problem, except the stools are about four and a half feet off the floor and Margie, well lets just say she isn’t. Let the laughter begin as she tried and tried to get up on that very high seat.  With a little help and a few tears from laughing we were able to enjoy the first meal of the trip together.

This is about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, back in the car and headed for Texas.  If you have never made the drive through West Virginia let me just say it takes FOREVER.  Needing to make it to Texas by Tuesday afternoon for check in to our room we decided to drive as far as we could.  So we drove and we drove and we drove, stopping from time to time for a quick snack and to stretch our legs.  I drove until about one in the morning when we decided to stop and get a few hours sleep in the car, we were now in Mississippi.

This morning we reluctantly arose around sunrise from our “rest” in a little truck stop off of Interstate 59 in Mississippi and continued our journey towards our destination in Galveston, Tx just a short jaunt of about 480 miles lay in front of us.

What I can as that upon arrival in a complete downpour, when the weather broke and we were able to enjoy the view from the balcony of our room for this week.  It was COMPLETELY worth the drive.

Gulf of Mexico

This evening we went to a local place to eat called Kelley’s Country Cookin in La Marque and the fried shrimp was out of this world.


Hope you enjoyed the first two days of our adventure and keep checking back for more from here in Texas.

4 thoughts on “Two Days in a Car”

  1. West Virginia is beautiful, but not a quick drive at any point…lived there awhile. Love the New River Bridge. Your hotel view is great!

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