365 – 88 Lunch Time

If your ever in downtown Pittsburgh I recommend Mike and Tony’s Gyros.  Just don’t spend a lot of time looking around inside true place LOL.  The food is excellent and priced reasonably.

The guy in this photo didn’t seem to like the idea of having his photo taken but I just liked the expression on his face, which seems to depict his feelings about me taking the photo.

Have you found a particular way that seems to work when doing street photography that allows you to get the shot and not have problems with the people in the photo?  I’m open to any suggestions.


365 – 86 SPEED

What defines speed?

Physics defines speed as Speed is the rate of motion, or the rate of change of position. It is expressed as distance moved (d) per unit of time(t). Speed is a scalar quantity with dimensions distance/time. Speed is measured in the same physical units of measurement as velocity, but does not contain an element of direction. Speed is thus the magnitude component of velocity. Velocity contains both the magnitude and direction components.

Ok I know that’s a little heavier than what your use to from me.  But tonight as I was walking through the city I caught a glimpse of the car in tonight’s photo.  Which made me think if the 1970 Boss 302 Mustang that I grew up around and rode in every summer.  The Mustang was a fun car to ride in but it wasn’t as fast off the line as the 1970 1/2 Z28.  So the question arises what is speed? Is speed just going fast, maybe 80mph, 100mph, 150mph?  Or is speed what you feel as you accelerate from 0 to 100?  I’m not really sure how you might define it, but either way it’s fun.


Project 365 | Day 85 Life in a Bag

If you had to live your life out of a bag, could you?  Could you survive without your phone, computer, TV, and internet?  I’m old enough to remember a time before the internet and cell phones.  But it’s hard to think about leaving the house without my phone today.  I’ve actually driven miles away from the house and turned around to get my phone.

In todays photo I don’t know if the person is truly living out of the bags or just moving some of the possessions. But I thought about the person after I took the shot and wondered if they really were living out of the bags, could I do that if I had to?

At your worst are you really that bad off?


Project 365 | Day 83 Across the River

Tonight I decided to walk in a different direction after work.  I wandered around heading towards the Smithfield Street Bridge and took a photo from the city side looking at Station Square.  I really liked the way the sky shows the daylight escaping as the reflections in the water show the night life of the city taking over.

Across the River

Project 365 | Day 81 Light Movement

Tonight we take a look at the corner of Grant and Sixth Avenue in Pittsburgh for a little light movement.  I enjoy shooting in the evening and at night because of the ability to change how a simple corner shot of a street can be made interesting with just a small adjustment in your camera.  I’m referring to a long exposure to show the movement of light from cars, trains, airplanes, boats, well you get the point.

Tonight I didn’t set out to shoot for movement or I would have lugged along my trusty Bogen tripod. So when I decided to shot for the “movement” I had to figure a way to hold the camera still for the longer exposure.  As luck would have it there was a street barricade on the corner left over from the St. Patrick’s day parade.  I was able to balance my camera on the barricade and hold it still enough to take the 1/2 second exposure.  I think it worked out fairly well.

What crazy things have you used to steady your camera when you were without your tripod?

Light Movement