365 – 96 The Mysterious Disappearing Duck

So today on my way home from work I took a quick trip to Cedar Creek Park in Westmoreland County.  The park has several walking trails and is a great place to clear your mind and enjoy the weather.

Today as I started on the Gorge Trail I noticed a duck in the stream, so I changed lenses on my camera to get a few shots of him but the duck disappeared.  At first I thought he had just flown away but then I noticed him up-stream about 20 feet.  As I was taking some photos the duck went under water and disappeared once again.  I watched up-stream and he reappeared in the same location as before.  I watched him do this several times floating down stream and swimming back up-stream under the water.  I was amazed that he would disappear and reappear in the same place every time.

So anyhow here is a picture of the disappearing duck that I encountered on my walk today in Cedar Creek Park.


365 – 95 The Lady in Red

Tonight we head back to the streets of Pittsburgh.  This was another shot that I struggled with between color and b&w, but ultimately decided to do a little of both.

I had noticed this woman walking down the street and obviously it was the red coat that caught my eye.  I took a few shots and thought that it would make a good color street shot as the awning above her is a bright yellow. But, once I got it on the computer I felt that the full color version was just a little too busy and detracted from the Lady in Red.

How do you make the decision to go from color to b&w?

Lady in Red

365 – 94 Express Your Inner Color

Todays photo takes us back to the streets of Pittsburgh.  As it rained all day today I had to go back a couple of days for this shot.  As I was walking down the street the bright yellow jacket that this girls was wearing caught my attention.  So I took a couple of shots of her and moved on.  As I was preparing the photo for this post I noticed that she was wearing two different socks.  Both of which are bright and stand out like her jacket. What amazes me as that she was perfectly fine with the fact that she had two neon colored socks and the bright yellow jacket.  Personally I don’t think I would be able to allow my inner color shine as loud as hers, but maybe we all need to let our inner color out a little more often.

How do you let your inner color shine????


365 – 93 Medieval Reflection

And now for your second dose of my vision of the world.  Tonights photo is a reflection of the PPG building in Pittsburgh, but it really reminded of something you might see at a renaissance festival or in a movie set during the times of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

Wouldn’t it be fun to be a photographer in those times?

Midieval Reflection

365 – 92 Under the Blue Sky

Once again I missed publishing my post do tonight your getting another double dose.

This one was from my trip to Mt. Washington.  I really like the light steams that are made from the cars on the roadways.  They just seem to give the city a little more life.

What do you think?

Under the Blue Sky

365 – 91 Night Helicopter

Tonight’s photo is a shot from atop Mt. Washington overlooking the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, Pa.  I’ve shot from here dozens of times but every time I am amazed at the view of the city.  It’s really an amazing place to watch the city transform from daylight, to evening, and then night.  It’s as if the city takes on a completely different personality when the sun drops and the lights come on.

I call this photo Night Helicopter as the streak of light on the right side was a helicopter flying by headed towards Oakland.

Pittsburgh Helicopter

365 – 90 Sunset in the City

Yesterday I came home and started to upload the photos that I took for my 365 project, sat down on the couch and woke up this morning at 6:38am.  Needles to say I missed adding my photo for yesterday.  So tonight I’m going to post both yesterday and todays photos.

This photo was shot just as the sun was going down over the city. What caught my eye was the way the sunset reflected off of the building.

Sun Reflection