365 – 112 Dancing Revisited

Today I’m showing you another photo from yesterdays freestyle dance in Market Square.  As I worked on this one there was something that just wasn’t right, and often when that happens to me I will convert a photo to B&W to see what it was that was missing.  Well in this case it wasn’t what was missing but rather what should have been missing, the color.  Over the next few days I’m going to work on several more of these photos from the dancers and I will post them together in a single post.  I also shot some video and once I have that all edited I will post that as well.

Hope you enjoy!


365 – 110 Smoke Break

I was able to get out of work early and took a really good walk around the city.  And what a great day to take a walk.  The sun was out the weather was great and the people were out in magnitude.  I got to watch some freestyle dancing on the street and just really had a relaxing afternoon.  Todays photo is a shot of a two people taking a break and enjoying the weather.

Smoke Break

365 – 109 Hanging Around

Sometimes when your out and about you might come across something that just doesn’t belong.  And that is what todays photo is.  The other ay when I was out for a walk in the wood I came across this jacket just hanging from a tree.  I wouldn’t normally think much about it if there was people around but on inspection of the area I determined that there were none to be found.

What types of things have you found that just didn’t belong?

Hanging Around

365 – 107 The Water Flows

For todays shot we head up Meadow Run stream in Ohiopyle State Park.  I took this photo last evening while out for a walk after dinner. Which in hindsight probably wasn’t the best of ideas, but that’s another story all together.

When I photograph moving water I like to slow down the shutter speeds and really get the flowing water look.  But you do have to be careful not to overdo the look as it begins to look unrealistic.

What do you think about this shot?  Too much?

Meadow Run

365 – 103 Time Spent Waiting

We wait everyday for something. We wait for the bus, we wait in traffic, we wait in line for lunch.  Yet people don’t seem to interact with the people they are waiting with unless they are there together.  Why is it that we have gotten away from just meeting people, saying “Hi, How are you?”.

Do you ever just strike up a conversation with someone while standing in line?


My Vision of the World


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